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Clueless Guardians
Do you know
just how happy you make me?
You heal me
when this world tries to break me
Just your presence
is enough to protect me
So would you smile?
Be my strength, recollect me.
:iconazirium:Azirium 0 2
Change is Good
This question annoys me
it won't let me be
Why do I care more
than they care about me?
I know what the truth is
I always knew why
It's high time I faced it
I'm gonna end this stand-by
I just don't want to be forgotten
That is my deepest fear
But change is on it's way
Just wait, it will appear
For I'm picking up the pieces
of my heart and mind
My selflessness decreases
But I will break this bind
:iconazirium:Azirium 1 0
A Poet's Adventure
We can travel all the land
Have the whole world in our hand
Face off monsters in the skies
With our mighty battle cries
We can live, defying death
All of that in just one breath
:iconazirium:Azirium 0 0
Descend into the Tomb
A beautiful Noxian woman,
Cassiopeia was her name.
The huge Dessert was exploring
To find Shurima was her aim
She was accompanied by Sivir,
owner of a Legendary Blade
Along with her group of bandits
to ensure her safety they were paid
For days the Dessert they were travelling
under Shurima's broiling Sun
With the intense heat they were struggling
but then the Scout said they'd arrived
An ancient Turret they had found
to Cassiopeia's delight
They went and entered Underground
leaving behind the bright Sun's light.
The Catacombs were filled with traps
Sivir's bandits fell one by one
But Cassiopeia didn't flinch,
she didn't care about anyone.
At last they reached the final floor
a room guarded by a Serpent's Statue.
In there, a giant and sealed Door
the prison of Renekton and Xerath.
Cassiopeia betrayed Sivir,
she fell down bleeding and shocked
Then Cassiopeia took her blade,
The prison's door she had unlocked.
The Serpent's Statue was now awake
it bit and cursed Cassiopeia
Her lower body
:iconazirium:Azirium 0 2
Blooming Feeling
How will I ever get over you?
Even when you're mad
you're beautiful, too.
There's nothing in this world
I wouldn't do for you
No matter how hard,
I will make it true.
Although you're so clumsy
and you tend to forget.
The feelings i have for you
I will never regret!
So skilled you're at drawing,
this beautfiul art.
You really seem to pour in
your soul and your heart.
I don't care if it's not mutual,
I don't mind it at all
For as long as you are happy,
i will take on the fall.
Because to me, you're so precious
With your beauties, with your flaws
Plus, your cocoa's delicious
it always leaves me in awe.
:iconazirium:Azirium 4 4
People are surrounded by "Ayakashi"
creatures that endanger humanity
They feed on negative emotions.
They poison our hearts
and blight our souls with corruption.
Attracted by greed, anger, hatred.
They influence our minds
till we lose our humanity.
There are no Far Shore Gods
to slay these Phantoms.
No Gods to rid us of this curse.
We're left to deal with them
all by ourselfes.
We probably could eradicate them
but we don't give it our best.
We build walls around ourselfes
to separate us from the rest.
We isolate  ourselfes inside those walls
and then we sharpen our claws
to take down any stranger.
We stray ourselfes from each other
This is where the Phantoms thrive.
:iconazirium:Azirium 0 0
The Winter's Giant
First you had autumn,
a great time to survive
You had built up your base
You were ready to thrive!
Then the temperature changed
You could feel it in the air
Snowbirds had started to spawn
Snow was falling on your hair
By the fire, comfortly
enjoying your warm dinner
You were waiting patiently
for the night to pass
Then a loud moan breaks the silence
you can hear Him approaching
The first of the four Giants
Deerclops's out and blood thirsty
You are scared and in panic,
you don't know where to run
He is slowly getting closer
he is hunting you for fun
He is ruining your base now
viciously tearing it apart
You are stranded in the forest
The cold's reaching to your heart
You keep running to avoid him
tired and gasping for a breath
You feel hungry and exhausted,
you're about to freeze to death
:iconazirium:Azirium 0 0
Origami X-Wing by Azirium Origami X-Wing :iconazirium:Azirium 1 3
Fall of an Empire
The Empire of Shurima!
Once a great Civilization.
Was ruined in an instant,
by a single Slave's frustration
Xerath thought he was betrayed,
Azir promised him freedom
For Azir was by him saved,
when younger and in danger.
The Ritual Xerath sabbotaged
of Azir's glorious Ascension
But just before he realised
the Son of the Sun's intentions
Azir had planned to free them all
he'd go against Tradition
that was his human finall call
But then begun demolition
In an instant, everything collapsed
The People, the City, the Emperor's Way
Xerath had Ascended instead of Azir
but Shurima would not see another day
Meanwhile, Nasus and Renekton
two brothers, both Ascended
Rushed over to the City
Only to find it apprehended
They tried to fight Xerath
but to defeat him there was no way
So Renekton decided
to have him locked away
With Nasus' help he managed
to drag Xerath to the Tomb,
he then shouted at his brother
to close and seal the darkened room
The glorious city was destroyed
It's p
:iconazirium:Azirium 0 0
Shattered Monolith
I've always been the one
who would shield the people I care for.
Even at the cost of breaking my own heart.
But, seeing them being happy is what matters, right?
I had to be strong, to bring their pieces together.
I had to be strong, to inspire strength.
But who will be strong for me?
Should I bother them?
No, I know them better than anyone.
They're troubled in their own thoughts,
their own problems.
Why should I bother them?
You don't burden the people you love with your problems, right?
Besides, I'm strong, I've always been
I've always had to be strong for myself.
There's nothing I can't deal with alone, all by myslef, right?
Breathe in. Be strong.
You can do it.
:iconazirium:Azirium 0 2


Azir- SHURIMA! by KittyConQueso Azir- SHURIMA! :iconkittyconqueso:KittyConQueso 216 32 LoL: Little Sparrow! by Fiveonthe LoL: Little Sparrow! :iconfiveonthe:Fiveonthe 162 9 My Little Poor Dog ... by ZsephDeph My Little Poor Dog ... :iconzsephdeph:ZsephDeph 1 10
waiting game
i did it
i really did it
this time
i asked you to make a choice
was that wrong of me?
but you didn't really leave me
a choice
"promise me you won't leave"
you said
when i told you
i needed some space
to get over my feelings
"i feel it too"
you said
and i thought
maybe you really do
how many times is it now?
you didn't believe
we've been so good
this past year and a half
i'm sorry
and you're sorry too
this might really be it
i think
i know
what you'll say
i just
:iconoxfordllama:oxfordllama 3 0
selfish selflessness
oh the paradox
of selflessness wrapped up in
terrifying selfishness
:iconoxfordllama:oxfordllama 5 1
Hey man you ok? (entry) by Kaffoum Hey man you ok? (entry) :iconkaffoum:Kaffoum 390 616 Geographic Tongue by brechdaslicht Geographic Tongue :iconbrechdaslicht:brechdaslicht 18 0
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:iconcraftysorceress:craftysorceress 1,154 619
weathered love
they say
her heart
is like a hurricane-
a molten mess
of those she had loved
for boys muttered
lightning lies
on their tongues,
with no respect
to the storm
she'd become
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 112 34
Global Warming #2 by Eriniin Global Warming #2 :iconeriniin:Eriniin 1 8
Psychotic - Prologue
    Pathogen #723, a deadly bio-weapon that was in production for military use. With the start of World War III brought about the need for new, innovative ways to protect ourselves. That’s when the experiments began. A scientific search for a virus that could infect the enemy and turn them all against one another. With the right resources, we could even use those mindless soldiers to attack other rival nations. They’d be expendable by that  point anyways. But to get to this point, there would need to be test, test victims. Disposable life that serves only to benefit those that are deemed as important or precious, those that hold a rank in society, those that are not poor, easily forgotten civilians. The chosen victims were hoarded in droves to labs scattered about the U.S., hardly given the time to bid farewells or prepare for their demise. Women and children were separated from their fathers, brothers, and husbands, all moved to age and ge
:iconnyssasorbit:NyssasOrbit 1 3
Tokyo Ghoul Masks by CurrentlyArting Tokyo Ghoul Masks :iconcurrentlyarting:CurrentlyArting 4 5
Forever When I'm Gone
Everyone has secrets,
though I'm an open book.
I have secrets too,
though it's just because you don't ask.
If you asked me I'd tell you them,
though I'm afraid of how I'll look.
My heart is not so guarded.
Your words could cut me deep,
but you can tell me anything,
for your secrets I will keep.
I wonder if when I disappear,
you will even know,
for I am sure I will at some point.
It seems I always do.
And when I am gone She will take my place,
along with feelings true.
My friendship and my sympathy,
my caring,
all will remain yours.
The rest will be forgotten,
locked behind those doors.
If by chance you miss me,
tell her and I'm sure
She will become what you need,
as part of me is Her.
:iconkittysib:KittySib 24 33
Braums Shield Tribal by Esmeekramer Braums Shield Tribal :iconesmeekramer:Esmeekramer 39 9 Amumu and Urf by ciderWrath Amumu and Urf :iconciderwrath:ciderWrath 55 17 DJ Sona - Kinetic (League of Legends fanart) by MaayaInsane DJ Sona - Kinetic (League of Legends fanart) :iconmaayainsane:MaayaInsane 130 11



Do you know
just how happy you make me?
You heal me
when this world tries to break me
Just your presence
is enough to protect me
So would you smile?
Be my strength, recollect me.
Clueless Guardians
At one point in life you get to meet someone. Someone who can make you feel invincible. Someone who can make you lose track of time. Someone who can make all your problems vanish out of your head. Cherish those moments, cherish that peace of mind. But most importantly, cherish that someone.
Do you like ever remember something so blurry that you can't realise wether it's a dream you saw or an actual memory?


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Although i suck at drawing or sculpting or creating things in general (except origami but those are easy to learn) there is an artform i escape to in times of need. Parkour and Freerunning is the way i express the way i feel and leave a mark (literally) on the world surrounding me.


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